Hemp processing our own crops, growing hemp, processing for other farmers, bottling, labeling, and wholesale sales to dealers and other processors is what we do. Hello we are Crop Processors, Inc (cropprocessors.com). We grow and buy herbs when the market demands. We process to Hemp/CBD Full Spectrum crude oil. We use alcohol, a 50 Liter rotovape machine and a 5 Liter rotovape for finishing. We have a Chemical Process Engineer in Greece, 2 in Pakistan, 1 in the US, 3 chemist in the US< and 1 scientist in the US, helping us. We are working on designs for the building of the equipment to better control thc. We are reaching out to you to see if you have need of our oils. We can supply 1 kilo to 140 kilos at this time. We operate in Mt Airy, NC (Andy Griffith Town). If you have need of a “fill in” supplier, we would like to talk to you. We thank you for your time and hope we can work together.
Charlie Cook 336-648-7082 Steve Cook 336-210-2999

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New healing creams with Dark Spot Remover, Wrinkle Repair, and 1000mg strength

1000mg Cream – 60ml jar
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1000mg Cream – 120ml jar
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1000mg Cream – 30ml Squeeze tube
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1000mg Cream – 60ml Squeeze tube
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CBD Skin Lotion 1000 MG $28



Coming soon, CBD Skin Lotion and CBD Hair regrowth Shampoo

We will mix any strength you would like. Please call us at 336-648-7082 for prices and shipping.

For dealer wholesale prices for resale, please call us for details and pricing.

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A Word From the laboratory

1/16/20 Steve Cook:

One of the confusing things to customers is the difference in Hemp Seed Oil and CBD/Hemp Oil. Hemp Seed Oil has good nutrients for your body, but has only 25 parts per million of cbd. That is not enough for your body to recognize. Full Spectrum CBD/Hemp Oil has 150,000 parts per million of cbd and that is enough to do you great good. CBD/Hemp oil from us is made from the herbs, not from seeds.It is important that you read the label and make sure that if it claims cbd, it comes from herbs and not from seed unless the seed oil is just an additive for even more nutrients. Good luck with your health and we hope our cbd oils help you.

1/22/2020 Steve Cook:

In my opinion, the single biggest factor that CBD as a supplement can help is that “it is known to be an inflammation fighter”. 90 % of everything that a Doctor talks to you about your health is somehow “inflammation related”. It is my belief that this is why CBD seems to help with my back pain. I started taking CBD about 1 ½ years ago. I have been off of gabapentin pills since about 45 days after I started taking CBD. And, the CBD does not effect my speaking the way that Gagapentin pills did. This was a nice change. We thank you for trying our product and hope it will help you

3/25/20 Steve Cook

For those folks that want to mix their own, we can sell you concentrate. Our concentrate from herbs is very high strength. We can send 3rd party Lab Reports on that specific batch. You can buy it by the kilo (1000 grams per kilo). Ours is high enough strength that it only takes 100 grams of the concentrate heated and mixed with 2500 grams of refined coconut oil carrier, to make 90 bottles @ 30 ml of 500 mg strength. That means that if you mixed 1 kilo (1000 grams) of concentrate with the right amount of refined coconut oil, and sold it at $35 per bottle, that 1 kilo would make 900 bottles of 30 ml @ 500 mg strength. Those 900 bottles @ $35a bottle would bring $31,500. The coconut oil carrier is not expensive. It is a great way to start a new business cheap. We can help with all formulas, guide you to labels, bottles, and everything you need. To make 1000 mg strength bottles that sell for $65, you would get 450 bottles and it would bring $29,250. It’s a great side business for people wanting to make extra money while keeping their regular job. We can also mix all of it for you and ship it ready to stir with a mixer and ready to bottle. We are always open for discussion on any way you would like to do it. Generally you will spend about $1 to $1.50 on the total for the bottle & dropper & label. Want to crank up a new business with limited funds, call us. We are wholesalers. The concentrate is $3500 per kilo. Remember this is a world market and is helping people. It really works. Thank you for considering our concentrate.

3/29/20 Steve Cook

I have a thin skin problem. My arms are chapped and rough looking and peel skin easily. We have not made a salve yet in paste form or creme. We will soon. Our cbd oil is usable as a skin lotion also. I have been using the 500mg oil on my arms, about 1/3 dropper per arm, and then putting almond shea butter on top of that. It is working very well. We are looking at mixing AlaoVera   oil and our high strength cbd oil with a shea butter for this lotion/salve. This could be one of the best lotions/salves on the market. We never shortcut the formulas. If we say “its in there” then it’s in there. We are tests everything as we go. 3rd party lab reports can be sent to you ant time. Just email us from cropprocessors.com for those. We are trying to make the very best products out there. We do not want to make excuses as most processors do.

3/30/20 Steve Cook

3 rd. party lab reports. These 3 rd party lab reports are where we farm out to independent certified labs that test our products. We are testing all batches as they are produced. We test the herbs in the field, herbs cured, herbs alcohol solution before the alcohol is taken out, the concentrate finished, and the mixed and bottled product. These test are important because you actually don’t know what is in the bottle without these tests being done by the processor to be sure the result is what we say it is. When we say we test a batch, we mean that we are usually test 1 kilo to 8 kilos as the batch made all at one time and is the same throughout. We can send you 3 rd party lab reports by email or call us. We always try to bring you the best on the market.


8/16/20 Steve Cook

Creams. We have now developed, processed, tested, sold, and mixed the new skin cream. The testimonials are coming in now and all positive. Most processors creams are 50mg to 250mg. Ours is 1,000mg and showing test results of over 1,300mg because we always put in extra concentrate. It has helped people with arthritis’s pain, sciatic nerve pain, dark spots, wrinkle repair, headaches, and swelling, etc. We are delighted with the results and hope it will help you to. It will show on the website, cropprocessors.com , in a few days. It comes in 30ml size jars, 60ml jars, 30ml squeeze tubes, and soon will come in 60ml squeeze tubes.

CBD and Hemp information from the internet



It’s not a stretch to say that CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most exciting and promising compounds currently being studied by the medical and scientific communities. Although government regulatory agencies have not yet ruled on the use of CBD to treat many of the symptoms and conditions it’s currently being investigated for, the FDA did make headlines recently for approving the first CBD-derived medication to treat certain forms of severe epilepsy.

In the meantime, misinformation and confusion about CBD still abounds due to the relatively recent emergence and widespread awareness of this fascinating compound. Let’s take a deep dive into what cannabidiol (CBD) is, and exactly what it does — and doesn’t — do.

CBD’s Impact & Efficacy

Here are some of the findings regarding the efficacy of CBD for specific conditions:

Most participants taking CBD for pain indicated that they got meaningful relief. Just under 90% of participants of this group reported some improvement in the frequency and duration of their pain, with 60% reporting that CBD made these aspects “much better.” Most significant though was CBD’s impact on the perception of pain intensity: Before taking CBD, the average pain score was 6.85; when taking CBD, the average pain score was 2.76, representing a 60% decrease in intensity.

Participants taking CBD for sleep were more likely to report having problems staying asleep than getting to sleep though most people reported having difficulty with both. Participants reported that CBD helped them get to sleep more quickly, reducing the average time from about an hour to 20 minutes. They also reported waking up much less often – 1.4 times per night versus 4.3 or about a third as many times. Without CBD, almost three-quarters of participants reported waking up tired; with CBD, 9% reported waking up tired. The reported improvements in how people reported feeling upon waking is likely explained by improvements in the ability to stay asleep. People taking CBD for sleep were somewhat more likely to also use some THC than the average participant.

Almost 90% of participants using CBD for a mood disorder reported that they had anxiety. For most, anxiety went hand-in-hand with depression. Participants reported that CBD had significant effect as both an anti-anxiety agent and anti- depressant. It performed especially well at mitigating feelings of nervousness; 92% of participants experienced some relief from this symptom, and 68% reported that feelings of nervousness were “much better” with CBDCBD also performed well at relieving panic attacks, mitigating mood swings, and quelling feelings of agitation, irritability, and sadness. CBD was less effective at mitigating difficulties concentrating, a lack of interest in activities, and digestive upset; almost a fifth of people report no change in these symptoms. Moreover, 3% of people using CBD for a mood disorder reported that the ability to concentrate worsened with CBD.

Among people taking CBD for PMS, menopause, or other female hormonal conditions, CBD appears to be highly effective in addressing mood disturbances and pain. It also appears to help mitigate night sweats and, to a lesser degree, hot flashes associated with menopause. CBD was less effective at ameliorating bloating common to menstruation; and it was less effective at mitigating sexual discomfort, low sex drive, and dry skin associated with menopause. About 5% of people reported that their CBD product made PMS-related food cravings worse, an effect that may be attributable to THC’s well-known tendency to cause the “munchies.”

Among people taking CBD for PTSDCBD appears to be highly effective in addressing a range of symptoms, particularly anxiety, anger, irritability, depression, mood swings, and panic attacks. CBD also appears helpful, though less so, in mitigating unwanted thoughts, nightmares, and heart palpitations in people with PTSD.

Among people taking CBD for GI diseases, particularly IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), CBD appears to be extremely helpful for relieving abdominal cramps or pain, nausea or vomiting, and indigestion. Many participants also found it helpful for fatigue though some found it made them more tired. CBD appears to be less effective at helping people with GI diseases maintain a healthy weight; half of participants in this group reported either no change or a worsening of this symptom.

Among people with ADD/ADHDCBD appears most helpful with staying on task, minimizing distractibility, and mitigating agitation or irritability. It appears less effective at minimizing the tendency to lose things and procrastinate (common to ADD/ADHD) and sometimes made those symptoms worse.

Among people taking CBD for cancer, CBD was most helpful with ameliorating nausea and vomiting. Many participants also found it helpful for appetite, neuropathy (numbness or tingling), and weakness. As mentioned earlier, CBD was markedly less likely to help with cancer-related constipation and diarrhea. The most significant side effects were with memory and concentration issues. People taking CBD for cancer were more likely than the average participant to be taking some THC. This may be due to THC’s efficacy as a pain reliever

or to well-publicized preclinical data suggesting that both THC and CBD may have tumor-fighting properties.

Participants taking CBD for diabetes were asked their average blood sugar levels before and after they started taking CBD. Though average blood sugar levels with CBD were still high, they showed significant improvements over the pre-CBD levels, decreasing from 178 to 130 on average. Participants also reported significant improvements in neuropathy-type symptoms (i.e. nerve pain, tingling or numbness), and some improvements in their ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Among people using CBD for addiction, most (70%) were seeking to abstain from their substance of abuse (as opposed to using less or getting through withdrawal). CBD appeared to be extremely helpful for getting and staying off opiates. This is consistent with observational studies that have noted that many patients voluntarily decrease the number of opiates they are using—or go off opiates completely—when they use them in conjunction with cannabis, as well with animal and preclinical studies suggesting that cannabis and CBD may reduce the risk of relapse.xv CBD was also reportedly helpful for reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption. It was comparatively less helpful as a smoking cessation aid. Twenty-four percent of tobacco users experienced no change, and 4% report using more tobacco after introducing CBD.

Among people using CBD for a brain injury (typically a TBI), CBD proved most helpful for relieving headaches, irritability, and agitation. CBD was less helpful for balance issues. In a small percentage of participants, CBD seemed to make issues with memory, concentration, and self- expression worse.


As we stated earlier, your body already has a wildly complex endocannabinoid system that affects several different areas and functions.


  • CBD does not get you “high” (non-intoxicating)
  • Comes from hemp or cannabis plants
  • Is being studied for potential anti-seizure and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Indirectly interacts with CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors
  • CBD is totally legal to buy and own in all 50 states

That system is rife with “receptors,” sites that await cannabinoid molecules presence. When the cannabinoid nears, the receptor will bind it to itself, creating a sophisticated chemical interaction that modern science is only just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding.

Unlike its sister molecule THC, CBD does not make you feel high — but don’t think that a lack of psychoactive or intoxicating effects means that nothing is occurring. On the contrary, it’s very clear that there are many chemical responses that occur when CBD binds to those cannabinoid receptors. That being said, the endocannabinoid system is ubiquitous in the human body, affecting nearly all major functions in some way (especially homeostatic regulation). Because of this, it’s quite a task to discern everything that CBD does, precisely, when the binding occurs. That’s where the research is at right now: trying to solve that very mystery.